ADHD Book List

Dix, PaulWhen the Adults Change Everything Changes978-178135273-1
Jacobson, TamaraEveryone Needs Attention978-1-60554-587-5
Armstrong, ThomasThe Power of Neurodiversity978-073821524-2
Ungar, MichaelWorking with children and young people with complex needs978-1-138-80073-1
Kircinka, Mary SheedyRaising your spirited child978-0-06-073966-9
Aron, Elaine NThe Highly Sensitive child978-0-00-716393-9
LeGoff, Daniel B (et al)Lego Based Therapy978-1-84905-537-6
Barkley, Russell AExecutive Function978-1-4625-0535-7
Cooper-Kahn, Joyce & Dietzel, LaurieLate, Lost and Unprepared978-890627-84-3-51995
Notbohm, EllenTen Things every child with autism wishes you knew978-935274-65-0
Leventhal-Belfer, LaurieWhy do I have to?978-1-84310-891-7
Winner, Michelle GarciaThe Zones of regulation978-0-9825231-6-2
Mountjoy, AlisonCan I tell you about Auditory Processing Disorder978-1-78592-494-1
Bogdashina, OlgaSensory Perceptual Issues in Autism and Asperger Syndrome978-84905-673-1
Stanton, Lidia200 Tricky Spellings in Cartoons9781532962103
Devine, AdeleColour Coding for Learners with Autism978-84905-441-6
Hendrickx, SarahThe Adolescent and Adult Neurodiversity Handbook9781489857055
Bell, NancyVisualizing and Verbalizing945856016
Kazdin, Dr. Alan EParenting your defiant child978-0-7499-2951-0
buron, Kari Dunn & Curtis, MitziThe Increditble 5 Point Scale978-1-7676715-4-1
Mate, GaborScattered978-0-452-27963-6
Hallowell, Edward M. & Ratey, John JDriven to Distraction978-0-684-80128-5
Tait, Audrey & Wosu, HelenDirect Work with Vulnerable Children978-1-84905-319-8
Lougy, Richard A & Deruvo, Silvia L, & Rosenthal, DavidThe School Counsellors Guide to ADHD978-1-4129-663-5
Kranowitz, Carol StockThe Out of sync child978-0-399-53165-1
Greene, Ross WThe Explosive Child978-0-06-190619
Honeybourne, VictoriaThe Neurodiverse Classroom978-1-78592-362-3
Allan, JulieActively Seeking Inclusion0-7507-0736-4
Mittler, PeterWorking Towards Inclusive Education Social Contexts1 85346 698 0
Brukner, LaurenThe Kids Guide to Staying Awesome and in Control978-1-84905-997-8
Barkley, Russell ATaking Charge of ADHD978-1-4625-0789-4
Kutscher, Maretin L.Kids in the Syndrome mix of ADHD, LD, Autism Spectrum, Tourettes, Anxiety and More!978-1-84905-967-1